About Us

FGV Growth & Development  is a  center of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) for the research and studies in the area of growth and economic development.

Our research focuses on international omparisons and on the Brazilian economy, supported by a theoretical body of knowledge and empirical evidence accumulated mostly in the last two decades, and using comparisons between successful experiences of developed and emerging economies and those countries left behind. In this sense, among our objects of study there is the understanding of the reasons why some economies are richer than others, what makes a country to grow quickly while others remain stagnant and, in this comparative context, how to understand the recent experience of Brazil. An important part of our work will be to identify, suggest and influence the design of economic policies that aim to remove obstacles to economic development in our country.

The Center will bring together researchers from EPGE-FGV, other units of FGV and other institutions in Brazil. The Center will also feature the collaboration of visiting researchers based in international organizations and universities.